Well, that was fast.  Just a few days ago, we reported that liberal Gov. John Hickenlooper told The Yuma Pioneer that he would veto any bill without bipartisan support.  Like many Coloradans, we thought that was a step in the right direction.  That sentiment lasted less than a week.  Last night, Gov. Hickenlooper signed into law the bill that opens the door wide for election fraud – the infamous H.B. 1164.  The bill had no bipartisan support.

Why is H.B. 1164 so bad?  Remember last year’s laughably-named “Election Modernization” law?  It was the one that said a voter only had to “intend” to live somewhere in order to be eligible to vote there.  It’s the one that allowed Jon Caldara to vote (without actually filling in his ballot) in an election in El Paso County despite not living there – and it was totally legal.  This new bill extends the same practices to special elections as well as school board elections – so it’s just taking the same bad policy and spreading it across additional elections.

It’s not just the Peak that has taken issue with this legislation.  The Denver Post has called out Democrats on this as well:

“We understand the urgency, but this is a terrible way to legislate. Although it may come as a surprise to some at the Capitol, those who draft and sponsor legislation are not the sole authorities on policy. Sometimes members of the public, or political colleagues, offer useful insights on a proposal — noticing unintended flaws, for example. But that won’t happen if they don’t have time to reflect on it.”

Coloradans must hold Hick’s feet to the fire on his eagerness to break his promises.  Afterall, it was Hick that told The Yuma Pioneer the following:

“He said he has told current legislative leadership that the legislative process must be fair and that legislation passed without all parties being allowed to participate will face a certain veto from him this year.”

These aren’t our words, PeakNation™.  These are his.  Make him stand by his promise.