Slow down liberals, Rep. Cory Gardner’s change of heart about the controversial personhood amendment, which would ban abortion and common forms of birth control, isn’t going to be the boost to Sen. Mark Udall you’ve been hoping for.

Last night, The Denver Post reported that based on what Gardner has learned about personhood over the years he can no longer support it:

“The fact that it restricts contraception, it was not the right position,” Gardner said. “I’ve learned to listen. I don’t get everything right the first time. There are far too many politicians out there who take the wrong position and stick with it and never admit that they should do something different.”

Yes, there will be a bloc of social conservatives disappointed that Gardner has changed his position on personhood.  However, it’s not like those folks are ever going to vote for Udall.  Gardner is still pro-life and is still going to be the better choice in their eyes.

Having lost a major chunk of their fledgling narrative, the left is now going to try throwing “flip flopper” against the wall to see if it sticks.  Given the nature of this issue, however, and the fact that personhood was defeated in 2008 and 2010, that majority of voters who opposed it will be glad to see that Gardner has come around.

Even if you disagree with Gardner’s decision or think his move is a political stunt to appeal to a broad swath of voters, the reality is that it isn’t going to be the nail in the coffin Udall is hoping for.

As Gardner points out in the Post’s story:

“It was perhaps best said by Mark Udall, who said a good-faith re-examination of a position you’ve held in the past should be seen as a virtue, not a vice.”