Liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall and fellow Democrats love to perpetuate the gender pay gap myth and exploit the flimsy statistic to make political hay.  We, here at the Peak, have no problem doing likewise.

When we look at the most recent reported salaries for Udall’s Senate office, we see that on average female staffers working under Udall make only $0.82 to every dollar that a male in Udall’s office makes.  Now, even when we provide a little context (which is more than Udall does when citing the gender pay gap), and only look at the staffers that were with Udall for the entire pay period, women make only two cents more, $0.84 to every male dollar.

The problem with the gender pay gap is that it is devoid of context whatsoever.

Differences in education, work experience, industry, occupation, position, hours worked, or job tenure are never factored in.  Everyone can agree that equal work should get equal pay, but this ridiculous stat is definitely not equal work.  This article from The Daily Beast shows the ten best paying industries and how they are dominated by males:

  1. Petroleum Engineering: 87% male
  2. Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration: 48% male
  3. Mathematics and Computer Science: 67% male
  4. Aerospace Engineering: 88% male
  5. Chemical Engineering: 72% male
  6. Electrical Engineering: 89% male
  7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: 97% male
  8. Mechanical Engineering: 90% male
  9. Metallurgical Engineering: 83% male
  10. Mining and Mineral Engineering: 90% male

Likewise, the ten least lucrative jobs:

  1. Counseling Psychology: 74% female
  2. Early Childhood Education: 97% female
  3. Theology and Religious Vocations: 34% female
  4. Human Services and Community Organization: 81% female
  5. Social Work: 88% female
  6. Drama and Theater Arts: 60% female
  7. Studio Arts: 66% female
  8. Communication Disorders Sciences and Services: 94% female
  9. Visual and Performing Arts: 77% female
  10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs: 55% female

But if Udall doesn’t care about context (when it doesn’t suit him politically), neither do we.  Equal pay for equal work, right Udall? Rabble, rabble, rabble!