News broke today that a wealthy independent candidate has thrown his hat into the ring for U.S. Senate, and it no doubt has both sides wondering: What does this mean for me?

The answer to that can be tricky to calculate.  It largely depends on which candidate this independent resembles more – the Democrat or the Republican.  Just as Green Party candidates tend to take votes away from Democrats because of their overlapping policy positions, a liberal-leaning independent candidate could do the same.

Here’s what we know about this new guy so far: Dr. Steve Shogan is 63-years old and a former Democrat.  He is chief of neurosurgery at Rose Medical Center and an assistant clinical professor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Shogan actually seems like he’s saying enough of the right things to have both camps a little nervous.  He’s critical of Obamacare and advocates for its repeal, which could siphon votes from Republican Cory Gardner.  However – and this is a big however – Shogan is advocating that Obamacare be replaced with a single payer system, which is going to have lefties swooning and moving away from Democrat Mark Udall.

There is genuine dissatisfaction with both parties that Shogan can also tap into, but at the end of the day, his candidacy is going to inevitably hurt the guy he’d probably like to see win – especially in a race this close.

Democrats tend to be better than Republicans at squashing outsiders who threaten to derail their people. Dem Party Chairman Rick Palacio is probably already on his way over to Rose Medical Center to meet with the good doctor.  Our prediction: the Democrat establishment will have Shogan out of this race within the month and locked in his endorsement for Udall.