“$15 Million or Colorado? $15 million or Colorado? Definitely $15 million.”

We now know how much Sen. Mark Udall was willing to sell Colorado out for- $15 million (give or take).  The eco-extremist Tom Steyer is hoping to have a $100 million dollars to spend in just seven races this election cycle.  Which means, if Steyer distributes his hoped-for funds evenly, it only took less than $15 million dollars for Udall to choose a San Francisco eco-extremist’s wishes over those of Coloradans.  As The Associated Press reports:

NextGen Climate Action said it plans to spend at least $50 million contributed by founder Tom Steyer, a retired hedge fund manager and longtime Democratic donor, and another $50 million the group is seeking to raise from likeminded donors. The money will be used to back Democrats and attack Republicans running for Senate in New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Michigan, and for governor in Pennsylvania, Florida and Maine.

We don’t know what is more insulting: Udall selling Colorado out for only $15 million, or that he values keeping his own job more than creating jobs for average Coloradans.  Then again, it has been Udall’s continued “me-first, Colorado-second” attitude that has put Udall’s job in danger in the first place.

Opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline is nothing but an extremist issue pushed by those on the margins of the Democratic Party.  The chance to switch America’s energy supply from chaotic regions to a much more stable neighbor makes sense and has been embraced by many mainstream Democrats such as former Colorado Senator Ken Salazar.  For Udall to favor extreme special interests over what is best for Colorado shows he no longer deserves to be our senator.  Every ad Steyer pumps into Colorado will just be another reminder of Udall’s betrayal of Colorado.