Obamacare has become a well-documented failure, with accelerated doctor shortages in Colorado becoming the latest prophesy to be fulfilled.

The Denver Business Journal reports

Newly insured patients are pouring into Colorado’s safety-net health clinics, but in some cases, sparkling new exam space sits empty because there aren’t enough doctors to care for the influx of patients.

The jump in patients who now have Medicaid coverage or other forms of insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act is accelerating provider shortages around the state.

To President Obama and Sen. Mark Udall, flooding the Medicaid rolls may have sounded like a good idea to ensure future generations of Democrat voters.  However, without a strategy to recruit more doctors to care for these new patients, the effort to get them insured was in vain.

Look, trying to reform the healthcare system to create lower costs and greater access to care is an admirable goal.  It is also a goal that, believe it or not, Republicans and Democrats share.  Where they differ (greatly) is in their methodology.

Unfortunately for Obama and Udall, in the game of real life, you don’t get any points for effort.  All that matters is whether or not you succeed.  Their takeover of our healthcare system is what we would call the opposite of successful, and the evidence to support that keeps mounting.

In the past, Udall has expressed concern about rural doctor shortages.  Now, because of his vote for Obamacare, that shortage has spread to metro-areas as well.