“and the beer taste so good when it hits your lips”

We wonder if while Gov. John Hickenlooper was shooting pool and, (wait for it), drinking beer with President Obama the other night, Hickenlooper asked Obama for any advice on how to advance legislation.  Just kidding, between those two and watch-me-write-another-letter Udall, they couldn’t pass gas even after eating at Obama’s fav, Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Hickenlooper’s failed leadership with the special session meant to appease Rep. Jared Polis has been so incompetent, even Democratic lobbyists are throwing up their hands in disgust and resigning.  Despite that, Hick hasn’t even hit rock-bottom.  Denver Business Journal’s Ed Sealover reveals the State Senate is not all that impressed with Hickenlooper right now, as two key Democrat Senators hold out for bipartisan support:

Sen. Lois Tochtrop, D-Thornton, said she would need to see more people backing the proposal before she is willing to support it. And she wants at least some Republican backing for the bill if she is to vote for it, she added.

Until we get bipartisan support, I’m not ready to move,” Tochtrop said.

Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, said she too would need to see some bipartisan support to advance a bill… [the Peak’s emphasis]

Amazingly enough—or really not at all, Hickenlooper in a sign of his amazing leadership abilities has failed to invite a single Senate Republican to any of the negotiations going on for the special session for the Jared Polis appeasement fracking compromise bill.  Because nothing says “I’m a centrist” like ignoring an entire party in a two-party system.  Sen. Minority Leader Bill Cadman nails it when he says:

But [Cadman] criticized the current negotiation process — in which he said he was not invited to be involved — as one that seems only meant to mollify Polis rather than examine the best policies for the state.

“We are at our core interested in doing what’s best for Colorado,” Cadman said. “I think it’s really time for people in Colorado to stand up for Colorado, and Governor Hickenlooper needs to stop being pushed around by Jared Polis.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

It’s a Hick-22: he has the Democratic votes to go alone without Republicans, so he blatantly ignores the Republicans, only to find out the Democrats he needs to join him won’t do so unless some Republicans do as well.  Well, he seems so eager to kiss-up to Polis, surely he can turn all those groveling skills to the Republicans now.  We’re sure Republicans and Coloradans all over are willing to definitely take Hick at his word nowadays.

If that all fails, we hear Michael Bloomberg is always willing to take Hick’s calls and share with Hick some sage advice about his own deep knowledge about our great state.