This has been another bad week for Governor John Hickenlooper and it just got worse.  The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call just downgraded Hick’s chances of re-election to Leans Democratic from Democrat Favored.  This is the second national political report to do so in the past 30 days as The Cook Political Report also downgraded Hick’s re-election chances on July 18.

Here’s what Rothenberg said about the change in Roll Call:

Former Rep. Bob Beauprez gives Republicans a credible nominee and polls have shown him within striking distance of the governor. But he has also been underfunded…

The overlap with the very competitive U.S. Senate race between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner and the competitive 6th District race between Democrat Andrew Romanoff and incumbent Republican Mike Coffman makes Colorado a top state to watch on election night.

The shift comes after Hickenlooper told two separate audiences that his donors make his policy decisions and that he hasn’t taken a stance on the Keystone Pipeline because it would make people in D.C. mad.  Of course, neither of these approaches bode well for Coloradans, the people who elected him.