Gov. John Hickenlooper’s lack of leadership has resulted in liberals run amok and has compromised the success of Colorado businesses.  Hick’s opponent Bob Beauprez yesterday released his solution to the problem – a plan called “A More Competitive Colorado”.  The plan outlines four steps to creating a more friendly business environment for Colorado companies:

  1. Audit state government to reform state regulations
  2. Adopt priority-based budgeting
  3. Empower Colorado job creators
  4. Hold the line on destructive legislation

Noting that “costs of regulatory compliance as estimated by our own government may exceed corporate taxation revenue by a factor of more than 8-to-1”, the Beauprez campaign laid out specific items to make Colorado more competitive.  Some of our favorites:

  • A moratorium on new regulations until a state audit could be completed
  • Forcing the state government to justify its use of one of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars and forcing it to have clear customer-centric benchmarks for success
  • A searchable, transparent, online state budget (oh, the fun we could have!)
  • Competitive Colorado portal where Coloradans could report regulations that have a negative impact on their lives

The fact that this plan exists at all provides a contrast with our current Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has adopted from his predecessor the Blue Ribbon Commission legacy and a strong commitment to TBD – we’re still waiting to see what that might deliver.

Feel free to read the plan below. Tell us what you think.

The Stronger Colorado Plan, Part I: A More Competitive Colorado