Brophy Fox NewsGov. John Hickenlooper this morning on his bill that raised electricity rates on rural Coloradans:

“It was a complicated bill that a lot of people in rural Colorado also didn’t appreciate.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper later on this morning:

“Several hundred bucks to a family is a big difference.”

PeakNation™, perhaps Hickenlooper just doesn’t realize you get to a billion (the estimated costs in bigger electric bills of Hick’s forced mandate bill on rural Colorado) only by “several hundred bucks” from all rural Coloradan families.  So Hick, on behalf of all the rural Coloradans who don’t appreciate paying higher electric rates, we here at the Peak would like to apologize on their behalf that they “didn’t appreciate” your “complicated bill” enough for your liking.  We know how infallible your faculties are, and that your judgments are second to none, that rural Coloradans just don’t understand how your dictates will make their lives better (you must feel towards rural Colorado what your BFF, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, feels about all of Colorado).

But don’t take our word for it, let us hand it off to a man so attune to rural Coloradan we wouldn’t be surprised if he was their unofficial mascot, Sen. Greg Brophy.  Here’s how he felt about your comments today:

Well said Senator, well said.  When will Hick stop his war on rural Colorado?