"Dammit, now I remember.  I didn't like Obamacare this whole time!" -John Hickenlooper

“Dammit, now I remember. I didn’t like Obamacare this whole time!” -John Hickenlooper

Eyebrows around the state were raised when Gov. John Hickenlooper made a very vocal declaration at the last gubernatorial debate that he never supported Obamacare.  As he says in this video:

“Again, I’m no big fan of the ‘Affordable’ Care Act… WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, HOLD ON, HOLD ON.  Every Governor I’ve talked to, every governor would rather have that done each state by state and not have a roll-out with that much detail…” [the Peak‘s emphasis]

This is awkward Hick, apparently Politico didn’t get that memo, as they wrote just today:

“The sudden surge, however, comes at an inopportune time for Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, both of whom are fighting for their political lives and have been staunch defenders of the health law.”

Be careful there Hick, if you show Colorado you really do have a temper, you’re going to damage the “Hick” Brand™.

Now, while everyone in Colorado could easily believe this is another case of Hick not voicing his displeasure with Obamacare for the past four years because he didn’t want to piss off his overlords in Washington D.C., we believe, this might be more a case of Hick being tipped early of the news that broke today.

In a letter that wouldn’t exist without the insistence of state Senator Bill Cadman and his fellow Republicans, Colorado’s Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar informs us that nearly another 20,000 Coloradans had their health insurance cancelled last month.  While, around another 192,000 plans are not Obamacare compliant and will be cancelled by the end of next year.  This raises the total number of Coloradans who have had their health care plan canceled because of Obamacare to over 550,000.

This helps to explain Hickenlooper’s sudden about-face on Obamacare, especially since he hasn’t uttered a single peep of disagreement on it these past four years.  Which, includes having no issue signing into law Colorado’s setup of it.

This also signals that Hick and his campaign view Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign as a lost cause now, having no problem jettisoning Udall to save himself.  Then again, when it comes to tossing people under the bus, few people in Colorado politics do it as well as Hickenlooper— “We must protect the BRAND!”

As for Udall, we can add another 192,000 Coloradans in the near future to the already 375,000 he’s lied to when he said, “if you like your plan, you can keep it.”  And, by “keep your plan,” he meant, LOL, No you can’t.  But, no biggie, it’s not like his race is razor-thin  close, and that it could possibly be decided by a few hundred votes.  Surely canceling the healthcare plan for another 200k Coloradan couldn’t possibly decide this race.

And, this is the part where we LOL all the way to Election Day.

Wonder if more than half a million Coloradans wish right now they had a Governor who wasn’t afraid to stand up to Obama and DC, especially if he believes so strongly the laws they are passing will hurt Coloradans.  We mean, if, like Hick claims, no Governors like Obamacare, this is important information for everyone to know.  Why has he not spoke up about this sooner?

As you can see from the video, Hick choose to stay silent and protect his “brand” over sticking up for Coloradans.  Coward.