And you thought the Treasurer’s debate would be boring. That was the observation made by Fox 31 political reporter Eli Stokols as he moderated a debate between Treasurer Walker Stapleton and failed Congresswoman Betsy Markey.

At about the 7 minute mark in the below video is when things get really heated. Stapleton asks Markey a basic question about public finance: “Could you describe to me what a yield curve is, please?”

She is unable to answer. Take a look:

We’ll be the first to admit that we couldn’t answer the question “what is a yield curve?” but we’re not the one running for Treasurer. If Markey wants to be in charge of the state’s finances and have the very real responsibility of issuing debt on behalf of Colorado taxpayers, then she should really know what this stuff is.

Stapleton has a degree in business economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is not just smart, he is what many might call a financial expert. Meanwhile, Markey doesn’t even have a substantive understanding of the issues the Treasurer’s office deals with on a daily basis.