EPA chief Gina McCarthy was harshing on everyone’s mellow up in Aspen Thursday going on about global warming and generally being a buzzkill.

Not content just to catch the men’s snowboard superpipe, McCarthy used the Winter X Games as an excuse to lecture the liberal crony class on the benefits of investing in tank tops versus GORE-TEX.

According to the Denver Business Journal:

McCarthy was in Aspen to make the point that warmer temperatures caused by carbon pollution hurt the winter-sports industry, and to advocate for Obama administration policies to curb greenhouse gases.

Apparently we can’t stress this enough because we’ve reported on this study twice in the last week, those doomsday predictions were based on questionable science.

Not just slightly askew, but by a factor of 217 to 562 percent wrong, one recent study said.

And because a bias was accidently introduced into the system during the 1990s, generally speaking, all of that data collected to measure temperatures at higher mountain elevations was rendered useless.

But those findings didn’t stop McCarthy from jet-setting to Aspen, on the taxpayer dollar we might add, to preach the greenie gospel with all of the subtlety we’ve come to expect from a government bureaucrat.