This is the best idea to come out of a legislative body since the Romans created sanitation. And that’s only a slight exaggeration.

Congress has proposed withholding their own paychecks until a Balanced Budget Amendment is passed. As an added bonus, tax-increases would require a supermajority vote by both chambers.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is a lead sponsor of the measure, and for that he has earned our eternal gratitude, this week.

“If members of Congress won’t do their job, they shouldn’t get paid,” Gardner said. “For too long, the federal government has lived in a fiscal fantasy land, irresponsibly writing checks that it hopes our grandchildren will pay.”

We would argue that Congress owes us money from years of failing to do their job, but we digress.

“Coloradans who have to balance their family budget every month are sick and tired of seeing Washington’s reckless spending. President Obama sent a budget to Congress this year, which never balances. Our federal debt has increased by $7.5 trillion since he took office, and hundreds of billions of dollars more are being added every year. It’s time for this fiscal madness to end.”

The only way to rein in big government is to reduce big-government spending. And honestly, haven’t we wasted enough money on Swedish massages for rabbits, gambling lessons for monkeys, and shrimp on a treadmill?