StatesmanThe Colorado Statesman has been a staple of Colorado political reporting far before The Peak was a glimmer in anyone’s eye, and Jody Strogoff a constant presence in Colorado politics.  On Friday, Strogoff announced that she would hand over the publishing reins after serving as The Statesman‘s publisher for over 35 years.  Here’s a snippet from her farewell letter in The Colorado Statesman:

“I feel privileged to have served The Statesman and our political community and to have developed such wonderful relationships with each of you. Your friendships and loyal following will forever remain with me. I am incredibly proud that, under my stewardship, and with the contributions of an amazing team of staff members, reporters, columnists, cartoonists, movie reviewers and contributors, The Statesman has garnered many dozens of awards over the years and positioned itself as one of the country’s most respected political publications. I am also appreciative of our loyal subscribers and advertisers, as well as a host of friends, family members and colleagues who have lent their moral support over the years.”

Strogoff emphasizes that she is not retiring, but simply “entering a new chapter”.  We wish her well and applaud her for a job well done.  We look forward to seeing where she lands next.  Strogoff also announced that former State Representative Jared Wright will assume her role as publisher of The Colorado Statesman.  We also wish him luck.