Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is back in the Beltway news, mucking up his party’s chances of retaking the Senate in 2016. But he’s not alone.

Democratic Political soothsayer Larry Sabato says their leader in the Senate, Harry Reid of Nevada, is also in trouble. Nice company you’re keeping, Bennet.

Sabato writes in Politico that the best hope for Bennet — there is “no one that immediately suggests the incumbent is doomed.”

“Doomed” is a strong word, perhaps it’s more accurate to describe Bennet’s candidacy as vulnerable, ill-fated, destined to collapse on top if itself. And of course he’s not “immediately” doomed, the election isn’t even until next year.

In a recently compiled list by the Washington Post of the top 10 most competitive races in the country, here’s where Bennet falls:

5. Colorado (Democratic-controlled). What we know: Sen. Michael F. Bennet (D) is vulnerable in this swing state. What we don’t: what the Republican field might look like. The current thinking is that either Rep. Mike Coffman or his wife, newly elected state Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, runs — and whichever one does make a go of it is the favorite to be the nominee.

With just over a million bucks in the bank, Bennet also made The Hill’s list of fundraising losers last month.

Actually, it looks a lot like Bennet’s reelection is doomed. No wonder he has Hillary Clinton on his speed-dial for the vice presidency.