Dems Renewable Energy StandardAnother day, and another glaring example of the Democrats’ cognitive dissonance under the Gold Dome.  The party that claimed it wanted to focus on middle class pocketbooks as the 2015 session kicked off  (that would be the Democrats) just killed a bill that would have saved the middle class money.  The State Senate bill would have reduced the expensive renewable energy standards – now 30% by 2020 – jammed through by a hyper-partisan legislature in 2013. The House killed it on near-party-line vote.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised – the Dems actually wanted more. According the to Colorado Democratic Party 2014 Platform, the Democrats actually want a staggering 50% of the Colorado’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2020.  That’s almost double the percent that left many Coloradans agape in 2013.  This realization comes on the heels of news that electric prices are the highest they have ever been.  This hits the middle class where it hurts – their wallets.

So while Democrats continue to toy with expensive experiments to benefit their donors’ investments at the behest of Big $olar, and try to create electricity by burning “biosolids derived from the treatment of wastewater” (a crappy plan for sure), the adults in the room are going to continue to focus on creating a more free, more prosperous, and more accountable government working for all Coloradans.