After last election cycle, when Colorado House Republicans received 189,000 more votes than House Democrats, we began to highlight how grossly gerrymandered the statehouse has become. Now, even the liberals at the Daily Kos blog are acknowledging that the Colorado House is the Democrats’ “best chamber” in the entire nation. It favors Democrats even more than California’s general assembly.

Partisan advantage by statehouse. Photo Credit: Daily Kos

The reapportionment process is obviously deeply flawed. Several prominent figures have advocated for adopting the Iowa model, in which non-partisan state staff would draw a template for the reapportionment commission to use, instead of having parties submit their own maps. But until there is enough political will on both sides of the aisle, the process will remain broken.

In the meantime, Democrat obstructionists in the House should be careful. While they may think they’re the party of the people, they’re not actually representing the majority of people who voted in the last election. And that’s a sticky position to be in. The moment House Speaker Dicky Lee Hulinghorst starts to think she earned her majority instead of stole it, is the moment that things will start to fall apart.