We are officially on “traitor watch,” waiting for the White House to castigate their own party for daring to assert their congressional responsibility when it comes to ratifying international agreements.

When 47 Republican senators sent a letter to Iran explaining their responsibility, the White House hyperventilated that it was treason. Now comes 367 Democrats AND Republicans who have signed off on a letter with the same message, according to the Durango Herald.

The members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado signed a bipartisan open letter to President Obama to “underscore the grave and urgent issues” surrounding the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The letter, which was signed by U.S. Reps. Scott Tipton (R-Cortez), Diana DeGette, Jared Polis, Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, Mike Coffman and Ed Perlmutter, warned the president that any deal must convince Congress that it would “foreclose” a pathway for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

The letter resembles the one sent to Iranian officials signed by 47 Republican senators earlier this month, warning that any deal could be rolled back by a future president if not approved by Congress.

We don’t actually expect the same gnashing of teeth and chest-beating from the White House as occurred over the Senate letter.

However, we are hoping the farcical outrage from the White House and party faithful will begin to ebb, especially since that 367 number includes Democratic leadership and represents a veto-proof majority in the House.