We just stumbled upon the most awkward. Town hall. Meeting. EVER.

It was live on a new streaming app with Jared Polis as he was chauffeured to his Pee Wee Herman-inspired event, the Big Block of Cheese Day.

There are more people on Polis’s staff than the number of folks who bothered to tune in (note the audience number, six, on the bottom left side of the screenshot), to hear the Boulder Democrat ramble on about … video games.

Honestly, a six-year-old child could have made better sense.

He took questions, but no one had any.

So, he promoted the Big Block of Cheese Day, an “office hours” event that grants constituents an audience with his highness for “three to five minutes.”

Polis says he was inspired by President Andrew Johnson and “The West Wing” to name it The Big Block of Cheese Day, not Pee Wee Herman as we more accurately suggested.

He didn’t really elaborate, then he just sort of bumbled offline.

He promised to hold another train wreck live streaming town hall some time later today. Here’s the link, and may God have mercy upon your soul for watching.

UPDATE: This is what’s being served at the Big Block of Cheese gig, it’s blue cheese, a big stinking, cheap block of blue cheese. And it’s gross. We expected a nice brie or some other gourmet cheese like carmody or even cheddar.