veteransAnother veteran wait-listed for health care has died, this time while sidelined for treatment at the VA hospital in Grand Junction.

The inspector general is investigating the death of 64-year-old Rodger Holmes, whose death appears to have been preventable.

A specialist who reviewed the case reported:

“An opportunity to intervene early in this case was definitely missed here. The patient should have been seen by a provider at this time.”

This tragedy is further proof that the death scandals due to wait-listing last year have not been resolved, as the Obama administration had insisted.

It’s disgraceful. Not a single bureaucrat was fired, although many were allowed to retire with full benefits.

With officials in Grand Junction claiming they can’t even comment on the case because it’s under investigation by the IG, we expect it will be a year or so before we find out what truly happened in this case.

And sadly, we don’t expect anyone will be held accountable.