A fun new tool by Google Lab Trends shows which presidential candidates are the “most googled” throughout the country.  Maybe it’s love or maybe it’s just curiosity, but in nearly every Colorado county, the most Googled presidential contender was Donald Trump.  That’s no surprise given his showmanship and talent for creating buzz, particularly over the past few weeks.  The only exceptions in Colorado were Saguache County, which most frequently Googled Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz; Hinsdale County, which most frequently Googled former Texas Governor Rick Perry; and Conejos County, which most frequently Googled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Top Googled Presidential Candidate

As we noted, Trump’s top spot is no surprise given his love-hate relationship with media.  The tool becomes even more interesting, however, we we look at the second most Googled Republican presidential contender. In the battleground counties of Jeffco and Arapahoe, Jeb Bush was the second most Googled.  Bush also held this spot in Denver, Boulder, and Adams Counties. Douglas and El Paso Counties’ second most Googled Republican presidential candidate was Walker. Weld County’s second-most Googled was Ted Cruz, and Larimer County’s second most Googled was neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Second Most Googled Contender


Of course, none of the Googling necessarily equate to support, but merely curiosity, and it certainly doesn’t translate into votes. But, with Colorado a key battleground state on the road to the White House, it will be interesting to see whether curiosity translates into support. It will depend on what’s at the end of the Googling.