Is it possible that state Sen. Morgan Carroll has been so nakedly partisan that nobody even wants to share their opinion with her?  It would appear that’s the case as Carroll last weekend kicked off her District-wide listening tour only to find herself sitting in an empty room all alone. Unfortunately for Carroll, even more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time at her first stop in Brighton, nobody but Carroll had showed up.

See the video below.

With not even one voter interested enough in her candidacy to attend the forum, Carroll had no choice but to pack her bags and hit the road. See her sad retreat:

No purple shirt can whitewash the deep blue agenda Carroll embraces

No purple shirt can whitewash the deep blue agenda Carroll embraces

So instead of learning what issues matter to voters, Carroll learned that support for her campaign is not nearly what she expected it to be. National Republication Congressional Committee spokesperson Zach Hunter remarked:

“Morgan Carroll’s ultra-liberal record is so out of touch with 6th District voters that not even one person attended the very first listening session of her campaign. If Carroll was truly willing to listen, she would have already heard that 6th District families have no interest in her far-left agenda.”

Of course, maybe this is why Carroll canceled stops on a previous tour of her district after the disastrous 2014 elections.  Oh, wait, no, she canceled those because of her humiliating Senate losses.  Nevermind. It’s a little too late to face voters, Sen. Carroll.