It’s been in the news lately that the Colorado Department of Education is suggesting that Douglas County did not fulfill requirements for full-time students and, thus, has to give money back to the state. We are literally talking seconds here – it’s a paperwork error.  And, frankly, since the union took over in 2010, graduation rates are up as are ACT scores. In fact, Douglas County Schools are some of the best in the country.

But, none of that matters to DougCo hater and interim head of CDE, Elliot Asp. It’s interesting that Asp, the leader of the aforementioned witch hunt, was a large donor to Bill Hodges, a union hack himself, who lost to current Douglas County Board Member Doug Benevento. Funny, haven’t seen that in the news lately.

See the TRACER listing below.


Asp also is a long-time educator according to online profiles.  We’re going to go ahead and assume that means ingrained union lackey. PeakNation™ may remember Hodges as the union friendly retired administrator whose candidacy went down in flames after it was discovered that Hodges refused to fire a union teacher that had physically assaulted multiple students. Ouch. Literally.

Here’s a quick reminder of his downfall.

Asp should grow up and stop using a government office to punish his political opponents, and the State School Board should hurry up and find his replacement, who, hopefully, will be more ethical than he is.