Embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s is not the most common spelling of “Bennett”, but surely an organization would spell it correctly in a commercial praising the Senator?  Nope. A commercial by Center Forward, a faux middle-of-the-road PAC has completely butchered the spelling of his name by spelling it Benett, which has to be the least common spelling of his name. See the photo below, which made its rounds on Twitter:

Center Forward

Of course, this called attention to the group behind the ad praising Bennet. On its website, Center Forward claims as its mission: “America is neither right nor left. Republican nor Democrat. Red nor blue. The solutions that will move us forward come from where they always have – the center.”

That’s funny.

Center Forward, while claiming to support the center, is run by a former Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Bud Cramer. Perhaps not coincidentally, Cramer and Center Forward have never supported a Republican race. In fact, in 2014, Center Forward spent approximately $130,000 against a Republican in Georgia and $100,000 for a Democratic candidate in California, according to Open Secrets.

This type of scrutiny is not helpful for an organization trying to masquerade as a bipartisan organization.  Then again, nobody would have even noticed or cared about Center Forward if Center Forward had spelled Bennet’s name correctly.