Jared Polis Bloody NoseThe debate over allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. and Colorado has caused a bizarre rift among Democrats.

On one side, there’s Gov. Hickenlooper, one of only a few governors measuring curtains for the refugees. And also U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, who voted against more security measurements for clearing refugees into the U.S. saying such requirements amounted to “fear mongering.”

Then there’s U.S. Rep. Jared Polis who last week voted with 46 Democrats and 242 Republicans to require an FBI check before Syrian refugees are allowed to settle here.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, there’s a liberal backlash against Polis in the form of Twitter poetry, and it has deeply hurt the congressman’s feelings.

Actually, it reads more like Vogon poetry, and it has destroyed our will to live:

 “Your city was leveled / We don’t think that’s fair. But we’re scared and suspicious / Too much so to care,” one such “poem” read.

Polis responded on Facebook that he’s been inundated with calls, tweets, and Facebook messages, about his vote.

“Many people unfortunately interpreted my vote yesterday as a vote against refugees. …nothing could be further from the truth.”

Polis goes on to explain that he doesn’t just want 10,000 refugees moving to the U.S., but 100,000!

“In light of the ever-evolving threat of violent extremism, however, I believe that we must also be willing to collectively re-examine our screening procedures in order to ensure the safety of our communities,” Polis said.

DeGette appeared on Balance of Power on 9 News, and asserted that accepting Syrian refugees “isn’t a public safety issue, this is an issue of our core values.”

Flabbergasting, right?

We should just take the word of a country listed as a state sponsor of terrorism that the Syrians coming into our borders are saints with no criminal or terrorist past, because the core value of America is stupidity.