Colorado liberals are ignoring their new mantra that “words matter” and are threatening to kill Republicans.

Loring Wirbel, who sits on the ACLU’s Colorado board, compared Trump supporters to Nazi Joseph Goebbels, and called for the assassination of voters.

This would be the same Wirbel who criticized college students in a letter Monday to the Colorado Springs Gazette for their over-zealous use of free speech and safe spaces on campus.

“… Students initiate witch hunts against faculty they deem insufficiently sensitive in discussing various issues. Faculty have been needlessly placed on probation, or fired, and students are often the ones to blame.”

On Tuesday, he called Trump a “hate-speech felon who should be in prison.”

Apparently, the ACLU has taken on a new mission with which we were not aware; kill the messengers, literally.

Then there is the Fountain woman who was arrested this week after she called Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and threatened to shoot Republicans.

“It is tempting to walk into a Republican Party meeting with her dead husband’s gun and just start shooting people,” said 54-year-old Fern Roberta Delise.

Delise was charged with menacing, but may face federal charges as well.

Although he didn’t directly threaten a presidential candidate, we expect the Secret Service will soon be knocking on Wirbel’s door.

Threats matter.