bennet capitolThere’s a lot of teeth gnashing and stomping of feet by Democrats whenever a proposal is on the table for local government to take control of public land.

But now it appears to be fine and dandy to take control of national forests for development, when said proposal is actually proposed by Democrats.

For this we have to thank U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, and former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

They’re the trio behind the 45-acre Forest Service sale to Summit County, upon which a new housing project will be developed.

“It really is amazing we were able to get our hands on this,” said Commissioner Thomas Davidson.

Yes, it certainly is amazing. At a price tag of $1.75 million to build housing for 200 to 300 people, it’s quite the bargain at $39,000 an acre in Summit County, where a single acre can fetch nearly a quarter million dollars.

But we’re assured this public forest land wasn’t much use anyway — it’s right by Interstate 70, the trees were heavily impacted by beetles, and power lines run right through it, said Commissioner Dan Gibbs.

Which is interesting, because the Forest Service says they reduced the original price of $2.5 million because of the “notable expense” of extending utilities to the property, such as electricity.

But it’s all good, because the property will be used for “affordable housing,” and in ski resort country, there’s very little of that. Especially after the property is resold to a private developer.

We’re all for affordable housing in the high country, and for selling off public lands that are of little use to the Forest Service.

We just wish Democrats would stop being such hypocrites about it.