So you're saying that all my community organizing in Colorado was for nothing?

So you’re saying that all my community organizing in Colorado was for nothing?

It looks like Bernie Sanders is feeling the socialist Bern. Conservatives across Colorado were alarmed when a self-proclaimed socialist was announced the winner of Colorado’s Democratic primary on Tuesday. However, technically speaking, Sanders’ “win” may not even be a win after all.

During this past Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Colorado, Sanders’ campaigners expected a sweeping victory for Bernie in Colorado, pulling in a large portion of the popular vote in the party. In a press release on his website, the presidential candidate eagerly declared that “The political revolution has begun.”

Not so fast, Bernie.

Sanders won the popular vote by nearly 80%, only to fall short by drawing a delegate tie with Hillary Clinton. While the junior senator from Vermont pulled in an overwhelming portion of the Democratic vote on Tuesday, he failed to draw near the number of superdelegates that expressed their support for Hillary Clinton. In fact, of the 12 superdelegates, a whopping 10 went to Hillary and two remained undecided. None went to Sanders. That resulted in an even 38-38 delegate tie between the two candidates.

So, to recap, Sanders worked his a$$ off only to be told that he would tie with Clinton due to super delegates. Ouch. It’s almost like when Democrats cry “fair share” which is code for redistributing the wealth and resources of those who worked hard for it to those who watched Jerry Springer marathons each day.

The future isn’t looking promising for Sanders’ candidacy. Democratic superdelegates are party insiders chosen because of their political status, and their votes are up for grabs in the primary. When people complain about the “political establishment”, these guys are typically who they are referring to. In fact, much-hated DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently admitted that superdelegates “exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”

That’s right: the chairwoman of the DNC just said that superdelegate system is in place to prevent a candidate like Sanders from winning. So when 10 of the 12 superdelegates in Colorado vote for Hillary and 0 vote for Bernie, the Democratic establishment is sending a message: that Bernie Sanders is only getting his fair share of delegates.

It looks like Bernie is starting to feeling the Bern in Colorado.