DenverPostLogo1Good news for the folks over at the Denver Post. It turns out that the company is laying off 20 percent of its newsroom staff because the company is making tons of money every year and is flush with cash.

According to bitter staffers sources, Westword reports, the paper is actually cutting staff to increase quality and raising subscription prices to fleece readers before they shut down the print product entirely, sometime in the next decade.

The theory goes something like this: Alden (Global Capitol) feels confident that print will be going away over the course of the next ten years or so, and given this eventuality, the only logical course of action is to squeeze every last dime from the operation while such coins are still available. That includes jacking up subscription prices on a regular basis, even if doing so hurts overall circulation, as a way of getting maximum profit out of longtime subscribers (the paper’s core audience) for as long as possible before eliminating print entirely.

There’s no need for a long-term strategy if the folks at Alden think print is already in a death spiral, our sources argue — especially given that the Post has been on sale since September 2014 without a buyer pulling the trigger.

Oh wait, our bad. Sources are calling Westword with theories, not actual facts on what’s happening at the Post.

We’ll stand by our theory, which is that the Post is laying off employees cause it’s not making money, and looking for a buyer but not finding one, cause it’s not making money.

We’re not judging, because there’s no shame in not making money. Just ask Bernie Sanders, he’s run an entire campaign based on that theory.