The Forest Service is kicking us out of our own backyard because there are just too many people who are taking advantage of public lands to endanger wilderness areas by hiking. And sleeping.

Starting in the Maroon Bells, they want us to actually make reservations in order to hike and camp, so they can keep down the number of homo sapiens in nature.

The feds are boldly planning an environmental assessment of their plan to prove their thinking, with hopes of kicking us out by next year.

We’re fairly certain this is unconstitutional:

One idea being tossed around it to have visitors watch a video and take a test on before a permit would be issued. The goal is for people “to have what actually might be a wilderness experience in the wilderness,” District Ranger Karen Schroyer said.

“I think this plan will allow us to limit use as needed as we move forward in the future,” she said. “At Conundrum Hot Springs, for instance, we can allow 20 groups of people at one time. … That would dramatically limit overnight use on some heavy holiday weekends up there, because in the past, we’ve had upwards of 75 groups at a time camping.”

That’s right, the government is going to make us take a test before we can enjoy nature on federal lands.

Old timers on the Western Slope have been warning us for decades that the government wants to put up “no trespassing” signs, looks like their predictions are coming true.