GOP-logoWhat a totally bizarre day for Colorado politics, otherwise known as Wednesday. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Robert Blaha’s future is uncertain as his lawyers are seeking additional clarification on the judge’s ruling in Blaha’s attempt to get on the ballot. The same judge also left fellow Republican Senate candidate Ryan Frazier a few signatures short in a similar suit.

Blaha and Frazier both came up short on signatures as they petitioned on the ballot due to technicalities in the signature gathering process. The two sued together to allow additional signatures to count, and as of this morning, it looks like neither are on the ballot. Yet. Both argue that enough signatures were presented in a manner that substantially complied with the law. The two argue that not allowing them on the ballot could disenfranchise those who signed petitions to place each candidate on the ballot.

Blaha and Frazier both plan to appeal the decision. The chaos over whether these two will make the ballot is delaying the certification of the 2016 primary ballot, which could disenfranchise a whole different group of voters.

Already on the ballot are Republicans Jon Keyser, Jack Graham, and Darryl Glenn. These gentlemen are all fighting for the chance to run against incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet whose approval numbers are abysmal. Coloradans might remember that Bennet only lost to now-Rep. Ken Buck by 0.9% or 28,859 votes after a disastrous year for Colorado Republicans.

It’s confusing. It’s a mess. It’s Colorado politics. Stay tuned.