Hillary Rodham ClintonThe Denver-based IT and networking company that hosted the server of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton then got caught up in the FBI’s investigation got some good news, for a change.

Colorado Biz Magazine named Platte River Networks the Best IT Services Company in Colorado.

Readers were asked to vote for companies they “trust to take care of their colleagues and friends.”

The publication worked with a third-party research firm to conduct an online process allowing readers to vote for their favorite places to do business in Colorado.

Although Hillary insists the investigation is merely a “ security inquiry,” FBI Director James Comey told ABC News today that no, it really is an investigation into the presidential wannabe’s use of a private server (Go Platte River!) for official government communication.

As PeakNation™ will recall, we gave Platte River Networks our own award last fall for Biggest Kahunas of 2015.

The award was bestowed after Complete Colorado reported that the company billed Hillary $44,000 for the legal fees and other costs of being dragged into the FBI investigation.

Congratulations to the home team company! We certainly trusted you to take care of Hillary, and it looks like you did.