obamacareGood news for the 20,000 Coloradans who will loose their health care because UnitedHealth and Humana are splitting from the state’s exchange system:

“It’s not too much a blow to the system,” said Vincent Plymell, communications manager for the Colorado Division of Insurance.

Thank Heavens, right? Because we wouldn’t want the “system” to experience a blow.

No word on whether the division of insurance gives a fig about the 20,000 people who are part of the system, and what they will do for insurance coverage.

Health insurance companies are trying to stem their own bleeding from Obamacare by dropping out of several states, because in their view, the system is sucking them dry.

It’s past time for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet to make an addendum to the promise he made before voting for Obamacare. Instead of pledging that if we liked our insurance coverage, we could keep, he should have said that when we loose our health care, the system will be just fine without us.