epaThe EPA is going to stop pollution in national parks and wilderness areas through a new littering awareness campaign and banning cars.

Just kidding, they’re trying to regulate coal-fired power plants out of business.

Electricity plants, maintain the federal agencies that have zero park oversight, create haze, and haze travels to parks and wilderness areas.

Therefore, the government reasons, the Hunter and Huntington power plants in Utah need more costly regulations so consumers have to pay more people for electricity.

The logic is so convoluted, even today’s college graduates majoring in “community activism through protesting our existence” can follow it.


The Daily Sentinel reports that another option, is closing the plants.

“The result of the EPA’s action will significantly increase electric prices for customers without achieving EPA’s claimed emission benefit,” PacifiCorp said in a prepared statement. “At this point we are evaluating all legal options in the best interest of our customers.”

In an interview, PacifiCorp spokesman David Eskelsen said the EPA emission controls could cost PacifiCorp $700 million to install.

See? By closing coal-fired plants in Utah, even parks in completely different states including Mesa Verde and Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the Flat Tops Wilderness Area can benefit.

The community activists EPA claims — without scientific evidence — it would improve visibility. But so would banning cars. We expect them to demand that, next.