trumpColorado conservatives are rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump to attend the Western Conservative Summit in the coming weeks.

Trump’s staff has yet to confirm that the presumptive Republican nominee will attend and it’s probably unlikely that he will. But it won’t be because, as Democrats will rush to claim, the party is divided. Rather, the timing is a little tight.

The summit is scheduled for July 1-3 at the Colorado Convention Center, just two weeks before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Trump will no doubt be busy vetting his vice presidential running mate, preparing his acceptance speech, and defending himself from hourly attacks by the national media.

Bob Loevy, an author, retired political science professor at Colorado College and a Republican, said scheduling is a political challenge for every candidate, but it would be smart for the state party to forgive and forget when it comes to Trump.

It would not benefit the state party to be divided on the nominee, he said.

“Coat tails are a very big factor in how things turn out down the ballot,” Loevy said.
“The party leaders in Colorado need Trump as much as Trump needs to have a good relation with the state party.”

But if Trump did fit the summit into his crazy pre-convention schedule, it would be a huge opportunity for Coloradans to make up for that nasty-gram that was sent out via Twitter after the Republican convention.

Although the culprit of the thing has yet to be uncovered, the truth is, we owe The Donald an apology for that. It would make America great again, if he were to come here personally to accept it. Amends could be made, Colorado secured for the GOP, and Hillary blocked from the White House.