democrat-republicanLet’s first start this new CBS/YouGov poll by noting how skewed it is. Since this is one of the first polls in Colorado since the presidential candidates have been somewhat decided, we can’t tell from presidential poll numbers, but we can from Michael Bennet’s poll numbers. Last November, Bennet’s job approval numbers hovered around 30%. This poll expects us to believe that his poll numbers have doubled. Either that or this poll is chock full of Bennet sympathizers. We’re going with the latter.

Even with this obviously skewed poll, here’s some bad news for Hillary Clinton:

  • Hillary is only ahead of Donald Trump by one point (40-39), which is well within the +/- 4.3% margin of error.
  • Of those respondents who initially said they would not vote for Hillary, 77% said they would never vote for her. These are her people.
  • The people voting against Hillary (55%) outnumber the people voting against Donald Trump (43%).
  • Sixty-eight percent of respondents think this election is about the safety and security of this country. It was the top response to “what is this election about”, in fact. And, from the responses, more people trust Trump to handle terrorism than Clinton, and 70% of Americans think we’re in a war, currently.

And, here’s the bad news for Michael Bennet. Even with this 60% job approval numbers, those who plan to vote for the “Democratic candidate” (39%) is roughly the same as the number who plan to vote for the Republican candidate (38%). And 20% are unsure, which is bad for an incumbent who has had six years to introduce himself and prove himself to voters.

Although this poll favors Democrats, it really does them no favors. It just shows how dissatisfied Americans are with their leaders.

The poll interviewed 1,000 voters and 966 likely voters.