Rick Palacio should be keeping a low profile this week.

Rick Palacio should be keeping a low profile this week.

Democrats are rightly upset at Debbie Wasserman Schultz for trying to rig the campaign against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, but she isn’t the first party official to do so — she’s just the only one who has resigned.

The Colorado Democratic Party, ahem, “misreported” that Hillary won the Colorado election, and waited a month before bothering to tell anyone that Bernie had actually won.

And no, they didn’t tell Bernie, they told Hillary’s campaign.

Rick Palacio, Colorado’s Democratic chairman, “dismissed suggestions about fraud amid calls for his resignation,” the Denver Post reported at the time.

It was a reporting error, Palacio said, and he is correct. The error was not just in the count, but in reporting it to Hillary instead of the rightful winner, who was not informed until weeks later after the Post looked into it.

Palacio suffered no backlash at the time, instead it was Democrats like U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet who got booed by Bernie supporters, over and over again, at the party’s state convention.

Interestingly, neither Palacio nor Bennet will have a speaking role at the national convention this week. And neither will Schultz.

When the national party’s email scandal came to a boil this weekend, (not to be confused with Hillary’s own email scandal) Schultz was initially shut off the main stage and excluded from the party proceedings.

Palacio told KRDO Newschannel 13 that he does not believe the latest email scandal will have a huge impact.

The impact actually was sort of huge, as Schultz was forced to resign after the leaked emails showed the national party was rigging the system for Hillary.

Palacio is at the convention this week. He might want to keep his head down, and stay away from Bernie’s supporters.