DenverPostLogo1There’s nothing more pathetic than a newspaper that refuses to admit they got a story wrong, then proceeds to dig in their heels and double-down on dumbness.

That’s exactly what the Denver Post editorial board is now doing, because the paper totally blew a story that tried, and failed, to take down GOP Senate candidate Darryl Glenn.

Read the details on the political non-scandal turned journalism scandal here.

In this Gawd awful age of reality TV, where no one is ashamed to share their darkest secrets and everyone glorifies in their real or perceived vicitimhood, it’s no wonder the Denver Post can’t grasp the fact that some people don’t revel in their misery, or use it to get ahead.

Had Glenn told from the outset the story he is telling now and wished to keep it a secret, The Post would not have reported it.
And yet what an amazing campaign narrative it might have been. Look at what he has overcome and what he has accomplished. A champion powerlifter. An Air Force Academy graduate. A dedicated public servant.

But now voters must decide whether the latest version of the story he’s telling is another cover-up, or an epiphany spurred from controversy.

So, the Post is now attempting to blame Glenn for their own mistake. Equally worse, they actually criticized Glenn for not exploiting a private family matter, which no one with any sense would take pride in, to capitalize on for political purposes.

Have you no shame, Denver Post?