Location is everything, so they say. In the case of former state Sen. Gail Schwartz, a Democrat running against Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, this is especially true. Her campaign team is hosting a campaign event…at a courthouse. See below.


Beyond the potential campaign finance violation, let’s just talk a minute about the optics of a candidate (Schwartz) who is running on the same ticket as Hillary, a woman running for president (and running from an indictment), hosting an event at a courthouse. Think about it….

Ok, back to the campaign finance violation.

According to this site, admittedly written a few years ago, Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices Act prohibits government facilities to be used for campaign purposes, even if the cost to taxpayers is reimbursed.

“The FCPA prohibits a Government from (1) making any contribution in a campaign involving the nomination, retention, or election of any person to any public office; and (2) expending any public moneys from any source to urge electors to vote for or against any state-wide ballot issue, local ballot issue, referred measure, or measure for the recall of any officer. See Section 1-45-117(1)(a)(I). Therefore, in most cases, the employees and officials of a Government must not use any Government money or resources to support a candidate’s campaign or to attempt to convince voters to vote for or against an election question, including questions that have been placed on the ballot by the Government itself….  

“…Also, the FCPA restrictions do not apply only to the use of Government money, but also to other Government resources such as the use of copiers, vehicles, computers, facilities, telephones or newsletters.”

If Schwartz, a former Senator, was still in office, perhaps the case could be made that this is an official event. But, she’s not.

It seems pretty obvious that Schwartz’s event is a violation of the guidelines describe above. The irony of breaking the law in order to have a fundraiser in courthouse is simply delicious.