Hillary Rodham ClintonThe national media is proclaiming Clinton the winner of Colorado to explain away her decision to stop advertising here, and because they love her.

Their evidence? Out-of-date polling.

This is how the New York Times declared her the frontrunner in their coverage of Hillary’s appearance here Wednesday:

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — With polls showing Colorado slipping from the grasp of Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton sought to close and bolt the door on him Wednesday, campaigning in a heavily Hispanic community, while the Trump campaign dispatched Mike Pence, to rally the state’s bloc of social conservatives.

We clicked on the link of polls provided from the Times. Interestingly, none of them were Colorado polls.

Because Colorado is no longer considered a battleground state, we are missing from the line-up of those polls over at Real Clear Politics.

However, Politico continues to cite their battleground polling average as proof she is winning Colorado:

With a clear lead in the polls, demographic advantages, and a rival who is out of sync with local GOP leaders, Hillary Clinton is beginning to put some distance between her campaign and Donald Trump, raising the prospect that Colorado, a pivotal swing state, is too far gone for Trump to catch up.

So we checked those polls that show Clinton has a 7.8 percent lead. Not surprising, they are all out of date, taken long before the national conventions began.

There is a reason multiple polling is conducted nearly every day during the campaign season, because opinions change, polling numbers change. What never seems to change, is the media bias for the Democratic Party, no matter who is running.