epa simpsonsToday marks the one year anniversary of the Gold King Mine spill but it wouldn’t be prudent to start the celebration until the anniversary of when we started to find out it happens, which begins tomorrow.

Silverton will host the snarky shindig to mark the occasion and its newly designated Superfund status with Super Fun Day, and a specially brewed IPA EPA by Golden Block Brewery that looks like a bloody orange mud mix, just like their river did last year.

Restaurants will also be serving Environmental Pork Agency sandwiches, EPA fungi ravioli and orange creek-sicle fruit smoothies.

“We need to turn it into something positive that we can embrace,” said Blair Runion, Silverton spokeswoman.

The EPA declined to comment, but it will have an information booth at the party Saturday.

Information? That’s a laugh. Since when has the EPA supplied information, especially about this spill?

We recommend the EPA set up a dunking booth instead, inside the mine, and charge for admission to help pay for their mess.