SchwartzAny way you want to slice it, Third Congressional District Democrat nominee Gail Schwartz is squarely against high paying jobs in Colorado’s mining industry, and in favor of more expensive energy for Colorado families.

Last week, a left-leaning Colorado political blog completely misquoted the Scott Tipton campaign in an effort to deflect criticism of Schwartz’s devastating record on affordable energy, Colorado jobs, and economic opportunity for our state’s blue collar workforce.

To set the record straight, it should be noted that the Pueblo Chieftain quoted Tipton consultant Michael Fortney about Schwartz’s disastrous 2013 clean energy mandate, not the bi-partisan 2010 Clean Air Clean Jobs Act, when Fortney was referencing Schwartz’s failed record of looking out for Colorado jobs and working families. If this left-leaning blog would have actually read the full article, this would have been clear. Adult Literacy Matters, PeakNation™.

Along with recalled Senate President John Morse, Schwartz sponsored SB13-252, which more than doubled the state’s renewable energy mandate for energy produced by expensive and unreliable sources such as windmills, solar panels, and “biomass.”

While cheap natural gas has crowded out some coal-fired production, coal remains by far the country’s cheapest, most reliable, and most abundant source of energy.  Government interference, such as Obama’s Clean Power Plan and Schwartz’s renewable energy mandate, simply creates a false economy around the issue, costs Colorado jobs, and makes energy more expensive for all of us.