Today, five ballot initiatives submitted signatures to the Secretary of State in hopes that they would make it on the ballot. The fact that the oil and gas initiatives, with a rumored “over 100,000 signatures” per initiative, turned in the least number of signatures and nearly missed the deadline speaks to how difficult a sell these two economy-killing initiatives were to the general public.

Each initiative needs 98,942 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. While most of the initiatives turned in way more signatures than necessary, the very narrow margins leaves little room for error and invites scrutiny in a year that has drawn intense scrutiny of the signature collection process. If any of the below initiatives were to not make the ballot, these two would be the ones.

The Secretary of State has 30 days from date of submission to certify the signatures and send the qualified initiatives to the ballot.

Here’s a run down of the initiatives and how many signatures each turned in:

Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare):  158,000

Initiative 75, Local Control/Initiative 78, Setback:  Over 100,000 each 

Initiative 96, Raise the Bar (make it harder to change the constitution): 185,000

Initiative 98, open primaries/Initiative 140, presidential primary:  310,000 total

Initiative 100, Assisted suicide: 160,000

Initiative 101, Minimum wage:  200,000

Initiative 143, Tobacco tax:  164,000