Trump hasn’t even moved into the White House and already he’s having a positive effect on Colorado’s energy business.

That’s because Gov. Hickenlooper has decided to abandon his wayward plan to impose extreme carbon emission cuts from the power sector by 35 percent.

It was an executive order pursued by Hick last year, months after the federal court ordered a stay on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to make the cuts a national mandate.

That the federal plan was likely to fail because it was not enforceable on the state level mattered not to Hick, and he made his intentions known he planned to move forward with his own order.

Until this week.

Now he says that because of the opposition, he’s just not going to do it. And there was much rejoicing.

“I think the notion of an executive order in Colorado, given the powers of the governor, wouldn’t have a lot of teeth in it,” Hickenlooper said.

We applaud him for finally coming to his senses. Environmental groups are even letting him off the hook on this one, because they say they know in their heart the governor wants clean air and Hick blamed Republicans.

We all want clean air. What we don’t want is overregulation based on unproven results to please a political base, while killing jobs and raising prices on our heat and power bills.