Now that Jared Polis has a few debates under his belt, a picture is beginning to take shape of what his administration would look like.

It’s a little foggy and out of focus, but from what we can make out, it’s a yawning gap of nothingness where our private insurance used to be.

What is clear, Polis wants to completely eliminate what’s left of the free market health insurance system, and put us all on some sort of government-run healthcare system.

If you want a sharp image of what that will look like, visit a VA hospital or Indian Reservation, or go get in line at any government-run agency — we’ll see you next year.

This new and improved Medicare system Polis wants seniors on is the same one Polis is cosponsoring in Congress, which would eliminate the lower-cost Medicare Advantage coverage for more than 300,000 Coloradans.

As is becoming his habit, Polis also refuses to explain how much more money taxpayers will have to cough up to pay for this new system.

Honestly, Coloradans can’t take much more of this healthcare-for-all system that is unaffordable, sent pharmaceutical costs through the roof, and covers squat.

The only ones who stand to benefit are the health care tourism companies, like the one Polis is heavily invested in, that takes advantage of these skyrocketing costs to send Americans out of the country for the care they need to stay alive.