While John Hickenlooper is still playing at running for president, a political action committee is taking advantage of his loser status to raise money for themselves.

Just click the button on the ads popping up all over the Denver Post, and you can donate up to $2,800 to this so-called “grassroots” organization, based in Washington, D.C., and led by a losing congressional candidate from Pennsylvania, and they will use your donation to urge Hick to run for Senate in Colorado.

It’s the very opposite of grassroots. And, it’s the dreaded “dark money” that Democrats like Hick are always complaining about.

They’ll also take your email address and harass you through all eternity for more money to support their cause of raising money to buy ads for liberals in other states.

And these aren’t just any liberals, they are “recruiting” candidates who have degrees in science and hate Donald Trump, and will commit their life goal to ending global warming.

Oh, and ban guns, because science. Free health care platform, also a bonus.

While official Washington is still trying to persuade Hick to drop out of the presidential primary and run for (insert any other office here), the former governor is still on the campaign trail begging for media time.

Hick’s gotten so desperate, he agreed to go on Fox’s Neil Cavuto to talk about the man no Democrat wants to discuss — sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged suicide.

All for the chance to get a plug in for his presidential campaign.

It’s the most awkward interview in the history of 24-hour cable news. Do we really want this man to be our U.S. Senator?

Watch it here