Colorado Public Radio, in a recent interview with Governor Hickenlooper, seemingly made up a quote to give Hick a spine that he has clearly demonstrated he doesn’t have.  Here is how CPR wrote up the story:

“If someone comes and has some way of improving or changing the [gun laws], I’m not ruling anything out,” Hickenlooper said in an interview with CPR’s “Colorado Matters” host Ryan Warner. “I think only a fool would say: ‘I’m not going to change anything.”

Here is what the actual audio from the interview that corresponds to the story says:

Ryan Warner: “Sounds like to me you would stand behind universal background checks.”

Hickenlooper: “You know it depends, let’s see what, if someone comes has some way of changing, improving or getting rid of something wrong in universal background checks, you know I’m not ruling anything out.”

The sections are bolded for comparison.  The section we have underlined above isn’t even something Hickenlooper said, but hey, maybe he said that over beers.  Or…maybe CPR is Hick’s newest spin machine. What?  Is OnSight not working out for you?

We can understand why Ryan Warner felt like he needed to add it.  With it, the liberal media is able to perpetuate the myth of Hickenlooper being an even-handed moderate.  Without it, the true weak leader emerges: a man who is such a mealy-mouthed, weak leader CPR invents words for him to give him leadership ability he is clearly lacking.

The quote is at 5:30 for those of you who want to check it out for yourself.  It sounds like CPR’s Ryan Warner has some ‘splaining to do.