Here’s an absurd left wing protest we fully endorse — Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson duct taped his own mouth shut and remained silent during an Englewood Board of Education meeting this week.

It must have been absolute torture for the board to conduct their business without having to hear from the professional protestor and former Denver school board member and agitator.

Anderson was protesting changes to the board’s public comment policy that he claims is racist.

“The following persons are eligible to address the board at a public meeting: residents of the district, or property owners of the district; parents or guardians of students currently enrolled in the district; current and former students of the district; current district staff members; and individuals invited by the Board President or Superintendent to address the board on a designated topic,” the new policy reads.

Anderson has vowed to keep coming to the meetings until the policy is reversed so he can continue protesting them during public comment, in silence.

PeakNation™ will recall that Anderson dropped out of the Denver school board reelection race then ran for the state House, which he also later abandoned.

Then he formed his own non-profit, declared himself the CEO, and created a random score card without any basis for the arbitrary low grades he dished out to Englewood that essentially accused them of being racist and mean to school board member Davon Williams, a friend of Anderson’s.

Westword has the whole ridiculous backstory on the protest by Anderson and a few of his buddies, that did lead to the public comment policy changes.

Williams, a two-time convicted felon currently facing an auto theft charge from 2019, has been a subject of controversy for months in Englewood after running unopposed last November. He was denied a mileage reimbursement by his fellow boardmembers in March, with the decision blasted by Anderson and Holmes as racially motivated.


Last month, the two launched the “Green Book Initiative” to rate schools, districts and boards on their behavior toward Black students and staff. The initiative opened with an “Exodus” score for Englewood’s board, the program’s worst possible rating, though boardmembers questioned the initiative’s scoring methods.

Williams voted in favor of the public policy change that has silenced Anderson.

For that, we applaud him.