US TOO: Democrats Complain about Voter Fraud Their Bill Enabled

Echoing how PeakNation™ feels about the new election laws that Colorado Democrats rammed through last session, Christy Le Lait, former campaign manager for former Senate President John Morse’s recall campaign, had this to say about the stunt Jon Caldara pulled during the election last September:

“I think (Caldara) got away with voter fraud,” Le Lait said.

Yes, Christy, we do too.  That was the point.

Just in case you weren’t sure, Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post spells it out explicitly in her piece:

“…a stunt he [Jon Caldara] undertook in September to highlight what he believes are flaws in a new election law.”

But thanks to you and your Democrat friends, voter fraud is now legal. continue…


PEAKNATION VOTED: Our Top Ten Stories of 2013

Happy New Year, PeakNation™. This has been a spectacular year for the Peak and we have only you to thank.  In preparation for the 2014 legislative season, feel fee to take a stroll through memory lane below at the top ten stories by number of clicks of 2013.  It’s pretty safe to say, based on the stories, that the big political story of 2013 was the Democrats’ gun grab in the state legislature.  But, posts about Colorado’s historic recalls and the related shenanigans from the left rated highly as well.

Have a safe and happy night.  Our New Year’s resolution this year is to be nicer, kinder, gentler.  Just kidding. We cannot wait for the 2014 legislative session and election – it’s going to be amazing.

10) CIVIL WAR: Hudak Agrees To Resign If Recall Goes Forward, Allegedly Demands Johnston Get Blacklisted In Return

9) GOOD RIDDANCE, EVIE: Senator Hudak Resigns To Avoid Recall

8) DUDE, WHERE’S YOUR PLAN? Coloradans Losing Health Insurance Over Obamacare, Colorado Media Silent

7) BITTER MAN: Morse Falsely Attacks Pueblo Recall Organizer As “Unemployed Plumber”

6) YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID: Congresswoman Diana DeGette Becomes The Latest Colorado Democrat Embarrassed Nationally By Her Own Words

5) DID KYLE CLARK KILL MAG BAN? 3 Takeaways From 9News’ Debunking of Bungled Up Mag Ban

4) FOLLOW THE MONEY: Initiative 22 Funders in the Spotlight

3) EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Video Shows Giron Protesters Being Secretly Paid In Cash, Harassing Recall Organizers

2) GUN CONTROL BACKTRACK: As Salazar Fallout Mushrooms, Hick Expresses Doubt About High Capacity Magazine Ban

1) REPUGNANT OBTUSENESS: Democrats Ask Manufacturers of High Capacity Magazines to Stay and Make Their “Baby-Killing” Products Here, Only Sell Them Somewhere Else


REVISIONIST HISTORY: CO Dems Conveniently Forget No Good Very Bad Year

This was a bad year to be a Democrat.  That’s why it was funny to read the Colorado Senate Democrats’ #yearinreview tweets that seemed to ignore the realities of 2013.  Here’s just one example:

Careful, Democrats, don’t break your arms trying to pat yourselves on the back.  This bill, H.B. 1303, was so “great” that even now-Hick campaigner, then-head of The Denver Post ed board Curtis Hubbard heaped on criticism: continue…


NAUGHTY OR NICE: The Peak’s Gifts to Some of Our Favorites

It’s that time of the year PeakNation™ where we here at the Peak try to make up in one solid day all the naughtiness we sprinkle throughout the rest of the year in hopes Santa will bring us that Republican majority we’re asking for (we’ll also settle for the impossible-to-find PS4).

While giving coal is what we do for all the naughty Democrats out there the other 364 days of the year, in a blatant, naked attempt to curry Kris Kringle’s favor the night before he dishes out the loot, we’ve spent the past six minutes thinking of the perfect Christmas gifts for those nearest and dearest to our hearts taxes. So, here we go:

We know Governor Hickenlooper has had a tough time leading and making decisions this year, so we thought we would take it off his hands and give him a Magic 8-ball. “Will Coloradans grow to like my gun laws?” Very Doubtful “Will it be a tough year for me?” You may rely on it “Will I get reelected?” Better not tell you now

It’s been an especially tough year for former Senator Angela Giron who lost her job this year, but we hear she is especially fond of Denver so we got her 5280 Best of Denver restaurants issue. We know Hickenlooper consultant Max Potter would be grateful for our purchase. Ang, “Go Denver” to your heart’s delight.

Speaking of Potter. We hear that he’s awfully concerned about ham sandwiches, so, to put his mind to ease, we got him a gift card to Snarf’s. As an added bonus, it came with a side of gun rights.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been having a tough year understanding Coloradans, so we sent him some old John Denver CDs and a Colorado history book. We thought he especially would be interested in all the gun-slingers who have lived here, so we dog-eared those pages for him. continue…


BACKFIRE: Governor’s New Media Adviser Compares Gun Rights to Ham Sandwiches?

UPDATE: Noting that Alan Salazar, Hick’s strategery chief, retweeted the bizarre proclamation, Colorado’s gubernatorial candidates weighed in via The Colorado Observer.  Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said that the tweet “seem[ed] to claim that ‘there is no Second Amendment’ and called on the governor to explain the message”, observing:

“The tweet implies that the governor looks at gun rights in the same way as [Potter] does, and unless the governor says something to the contrary, that’s what we have to conclude.”

Fellow gubernatorial candidate and state senator, Greg Brophy, said, “It’s an indication of how deeply their animosity toward gun rights and the Second Amendment goes.  I don’t think it’s a fluke that he’s the gun-control governor or that his staff is hostile to gun rights, and we get glimpses of it occasionally, like with this tweet.”

Max Potter was brought onto Governor John Hickenlooper’s communications staff as a “senior media adviser” at a time when Hick was under intense pressure due to the blow back created by his signature gun control legislation.  That makes the fact that Potter fired off a bizarre anti-gun tweet on Sunday evening comparing gun rights to “#hamsandwichrights” and “#lightbulbrights” seem like a waste of money a bit counterproductive.  Usually media specialists who work for governors don’t publicly tweet senseless and offensive messages.  #protip


While we appreciate the unfiltered glimpse into the mind of this senior Hickenlooper staffer (the governor’s office emphasized that Potter’s $130,000 taxpayer-funded salary was a “significant pay cut” from what he earned at 5280 – how classy), the citizens of Colorado don’t consider government infringement on their constitutional rights a laughing matter.  Exhibit A:  John Morse.  Exhibit B:  Angela Giron.  Exhibit C:  Evie Hudak. continue…


PeakFeed: John Morse’s Name Removed From Senate President Office Door

Senate President John Morse’s troubled tenure at the Capitol came to a final conclusion today, when his name was finally removed from the door to the office of the Senate President.

The recall is now complete.

Thanks to the reader-not-to-be-named who sent this along.

As Mark Hillman would say, delicious:



DEFEATED: Hick Warns Gun-Control Advocates to Stay Away

After the huge losses for Democrats in the most recent recall efforts, embattled Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper warned gun control advocates in yesterday’s USAToday to stay out of Colorado’s next recall effort to remove Democratic Senator Evie Hudak from office.  A successful recall effort would flip control of the Colorado Senate to Republicans.  Here is what USAToday wrote:

“But (it is) probably not a bad idea” for gun-control groups, such as the one established by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to curb their efforts if gun-rights activists collect enough signatures to force a recall vote on state Sen. Evie Hudak, a two-term Democrat from a suburban district north of Denver, [Hickenlooper] said.

Crushing defeat is a bitch, isn’t it Governor Hickenlooper?

Just last month, Democrats Senate President John Morse and state Senator Angela Giron were ousted from office in a special recall election for their refusal to listen to constituents and their increasingly radical legislative agenda. Out of state interests, such as New York City/nanny state Mayor Michael Bloomberg, outspent recall proponents eight to one with Bloomberg contributing $350,000 himself to combat the efforts.  The two losses were huge.  As a flashback, here’s what we at the Peak wrote on recall election night:

“These two races are huge losses for Democrats. According to an analysis by the liberal Mother Jones, Obama won Morse’s district by 21% in 2012. He won Giron’s by 19%. That’s a victory for conservatives deep in Democratic territory.”

Sens. Giron and Morse weren’t the first victims of Bloomberg’s toxic money.  Crestina Martinez, Democratic state Senate candidate running in Senate District 35 was one of the first recipients of Bloomberg Bucks™.  She lost to Republican state Senator Larry Crowder in 2012.  It would seem that every race Bloomberg touches turns to crap.

So, thanks, Mayor Bloomberg.  We couldn’t have bagged these big victories without you.


CALIFORNICATION: Colorado Tax Hike Campaign Being Run From Los Angeles?

A Washington, DC firm has been paid over a million bucks to (poorly) run the signature gathering operation for Colorado’s proposed billion dollar tax increase, and now it appears a firm in Los Angeles is running its social media.

A reader sent along the above photo of a Facebook update from the tax hike campaign — Colorado Commits to Kids — which was written in LA.

It appears Americans for Prosperity Colorado’s Dustin Zvonek was rather prescient earlier this week when he said Governor Hickenlooper, whose political operation is running the tax hike campaign, needs to be reminded that he’s running Colorado, not California.

Whether it’s cash from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ad firms in Chicago for the Morse and Giron front groups, or a DC firm gathering signatures for a ballot initiative, it seems Democrats are able to find staff or support everywhere but in the boundaries of this great state.


BLOOMBERG’S SPECTER REMAINS: Former MAIG Director Running For Morse’s Former Seat

Former Rep. Mike Merrifield

The influence of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a thorn in the side of gun control proponents during the recall elections, and Bloomberg’s specter will continue to haunt the race for John Morse’s former Senate seat, Senate District 11.

That’s because former Rep. Mike Merrifield (D-Colorado Springs), who previously was the Colorado State Director for Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), is running for the seat.

As our readers know, Colorado MAIG Directors have not exactly been cream of the crop material.

But Merrifield has more than his fair share of problems even before dealing with his New York political paymaster.

In 2007, Merrifield had to resign his seat as Chairman of the House Education Committee after he said that there is a “special place in Hell” for charter school supporters. If Merrifield thought that little piece of ugliness was going away, he is sorely mistaken.

Mike Rosen hasn’t forgotten and asked him about it last week on 850KOA.

Between the specter of Bloomberg and Merrifield’s nasty and extreme attack on school choice supporters, there’s a reason you don’t hear Democrats crowing about how they will easily take back Morse’s seat in 2014.


MAKING SH*T UP: Giron & Morse Continue To Embarrass Themselves On National TV

Democrats who hoped that former Senators John Morse and Angela Giron would go gently into the good night are probably shaking their head in frustration right about now. Last night, appearing on MSNBC‘s “All In With Chris Hayes”, the former Senators continued their excuse tour and offered some factually incorrect assertions on the Navy Yard shooting. 

Giron in particular embarrassed herself with two completely false claims that must have made even her liberal supporters wince in reaction.

The first mind-boggling incorrect fact spouted by Giron was that the Navy Yard shooter would have failed a background check:

Giron: Well, in fact, we know in this particular case that this man, who went and gunned down people would probably not have passed a background check had he went to purchase some firearms.

Politifact ruling: Pants on Fire. As The Washington Times reported:

Aaron Alexis easily passed Federal Bureau Investigation and Virginia state background checks to purchase a shotgun from Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Va., over the weekend, The Washington Times has learned.

The retail store put the former Navy reservist’s name through both systems checks before selling him a shotgun and shotgun shells, a source familiar with the transaction said.

Then later in interview Giron makes up another whopper:


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